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Day of Dance

February 3, 2024

Dorothea Laub Dance Place
2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

Registration is now open!

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Day of dance (1920 x 1080 px) (2).png

Class descriptions:

Creative Percussion (Noa) - Open level - 
Dive into the rhythm-packed world of body percussion, junkyard item orchestration, and dynamic bucket drumming with movement in this unique class! Explore individual and group elements, honing skills in timing, synchronization, and the interplay of music theory with movement. Don't forget your hard-soled shoes for an immersive rhythmic experience! No musical or percussive experience is necessary.

Open Tap (Noa) - We'll work on developing existing skills, adapted to the participants' level. We'll touch base with musicality, counting, staying in the pocket, and understanding rhythm better within tap dance. Finally, we'll dance a cool combo to some funky tunes and work on our performance, precision, and style. 

Ballet Folklorico (Alex) - Open level - Embark on a cultural journey with Alex as he teaches the vibrant "Calabaceado" dance style from Baja California, set to the lively beats of Norteño music. Master energetic steps, jumps, and kicks, immersing yourself in the spirited essence of this unique Mexican art form. Open level. Closed-toe shoes are recommended, preferably sneakers. Participants may use their Folklorico shoes/boots.

Beginner Tap (Mikah) - Discover the joy of tap dance, whether you're a beginner or refining your foundational steps. Join this class to learn the building blocks of tap, refine rhythm, enhance coordination, and unite your feet, arms, and body seamlessly to the music. Enjoy a fun and welcoming environment suitable for all. Closed-toe shoes are recommended - preferably sneakers/boots. Participants may use their tap dance shoes.

Int/Adv Tap (Dylan) - Immerse yourself in rhythmic tap dance with our intermediate/advanced class, where precision meets creativity. Led by Dylan, this dynamic class emphasizes choreography, challenging dancers to master intricate footwork while expressing individual style. Elevate your skills as you explore diverse rhythmic patterns and syncopated sequences. Tap shoes are required.

Int/Adv Tap (Dani) - Perfect your musicality, choreography pickup, and personal style in this class. Engage in enjoyable yet challenging exercises and combinations that not only refine your skills but also foster a sense of community through rhythm. Join us for a class that harmoniously blends skill development and a supportive dance community. Tap shoes are required.

Int/Adv Tap (Carina) - Join Carina's tap class, featuring live musical accompaniment. Dive into exercises and combinations designed to elevate your musicality and enhance your rhythmic expression. This class is a unique opportunity to sync your steps with live music and take your tap skills to the next level. Tap shoes are required.

Tap Improv (Dylan) - Dive into the art of rhythmic expression with Dylan's open-level tap improvisation class. The class welcomes dancers of all levels, offering a dynamic blend of precision, personal style, and a supportive community. Join us in exploring the joy of improvisation, mastering musicality, and connecting with fellow tap enthusiasts.

Musical Theatre (Dani) - Open level - Step into the enchanting world of musical theatre in our open-level class, where Jazz technique merges with stylization and expression. Elevate your dance education amidst a vibrant and inclusive environment that celebrates the joy of movement and the artistry of musical theatre. Jazz shoes are recommended, socks and bare feet are ok too.

Contemporary (Mikah) - Open level - Dive into a warm-up, center technique, choreography, and elements of structured improvisation. A class that advances through movement innovation and exploration, drawing from various dance forms. This class challenges participants to explore their quality of movement, musicality, and performance. No special shoes are required.

Yoga (Tara) - Open level - This vinyasa yoga class will allow each individual to explore the strength of their body, challenge their mind, encourage their breath, and build a community of togetherness. Tara's goal is to share flows that uplift, ground, and ultimately balance the body and mind. Bare feet or socks required. Yoga mat required.

Jam and Showcase - Cap off this exhilarating Day of Dance with our electrifying all-styles Jam Session and Showcase!

Jam: Join members of DrumatiX and fellow dance enthusiasts in an inclusive and dynamic atmosphere where diverse dance styles converge. Unleash your creativity, freestyle with abandon, and celebrate the universal language of movement, making this jam session the perfect finale to a day filled with inspiration and skill-building. 

Showcase: Participants have the chance to craft and present their unique dance pieces, spanning a kaleidoscope of styles. Whether you're showcasing your own creation or enjoying the diverse performances, this will be a celebration of individual artistry and collective passion, making it a memorable and inspiring culmination of our Day of Dance! All dance styles welcome! Solos-duos-trios up to 2 minutes, groups of 4 or more up to 3 minutes.

Day of dance (1920 x 1080 px) (2).png

Instructor Bios

Noa Barankin, Founder, Artistic Director, and Choreographer of DrumatiX, is a performing artist with extensive experience in touring with drumming and tap dance companies in Israel and New England, in theatre direction and choreography, and instruction in private studios and schools. Most recently Noa held the position of Adjunct Professor of Tap at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Noa has achieved national accolades and critical reviews for her work. She brings a wealth of expertise, combining her musical and dance education and training with her professional experience in the arts.

Danielle Behrens, a versatile artist, and co-producer of Day of Dance 2024, works as a professional performer, choreographer, and instructor in the arts. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Some of her favorite credits include The Wizard of Oz (North American tour; swing), Disney Cruise Line, 42nd Street (Peggy Sawyer), Singin' in the Rain (Kathy Selden), and Phantom of the Opera (Meg Giry). She currently teaches at Dance and Company and Seaside Arts Center in San Diego and is a touring member of DrumatiX

Dylan Lohmeyer, a touring member with DrumatiX, brings over twenty years of tap experience. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Dylan danced competitively in tap, jazz, and contemporary styles. A dance instructor and co-founder of Audacity Dance Movements, Dylan received his Bachelor of Arts in Dance from UCLA. Outside of dance, he serves as the Program Manager for SRI International within their education division to help support STEM equity issues. When not on stage or at work, Dylan can be found busting a move on the beach volleyball court.

Carina York, has a lifelong love for tap and diverse dance styles. From her early days learning tap combinations from movie musicals to touring with Rosie and The Radiators (which included a tour with her movie musical favorite Donald O'Connor!), Carina's journey includes training in rhythm tap and hip hop. She currently teaches tap at Culture Shock Training Academy, where she was also a member of the Shock Army performance team. She continues to immerse herself in tap festivals on top of teaching and touring with DrumatiX.

Alex Duran, was born in Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. Alex grew up dancing Mexican Ballet Folklorico from the age of 3, and led the UCSD Ballet Folklorico club for 4 years as an Undergraduate student, where he was also a Music Minor. Alex has previously tap danced with California Rhythm Project and currently trains in tap dance at Culture Shock Training Academy. Outside of dance, Alex is a Group Fitness Instructor at 24 Hour Fitness, teaching strength, cardio, and cycling classes. Alex performed with DrumatiX in the company's 2023 Summer season.

Mikah Ramirez, a dancer since age 2, is an instructor at RJAD in Ramona, CA, and a touring member of DrumatiX. With a background in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance, Mikah's journey includes competing, performing with professional companies, and earning degrees in Dance and Integrated Studies. She continues to learn and share her passion with others while touring with DrumatiX.

Tara Lauritsen, an IT professional, originally from Chicago IL, and a performing member of DrumatiX, has been a lifelong lover of movement. With a diverse dance background and a focus on tap, Tara has been a student, teacher, and performer in various dance disciplines including ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. She received her 200-hour RYT in Yoga from Inner Fire Yoga in Madison WI in 2018. She has found her tap home with DrumatiX, contributing her skills and passion for dance, while continuing to share her passion for health and wellness through all types of movement and sports.

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