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Audience Feedback and Client Testimonial

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A view of dancers from the back of the stage, holding their hands in different angles

"Drumming life into the old Opera House...and excitement into the hearts of our TI elementary students! I had the pleasure to attend the DrumatiX show here at the Clayton Opera House accompanying two special ed students on Thursday (3/14/2019). I was initially a bit worried how the student I was with would be able to handle sitting in his seat throughout the whole show considering he is sensitive to sound. However, after only a few minutes it became clear that my worries were completely unfounded as the student took his earmuffs off so he could get more involved in the music. Noa and her troupe are very talented musicians, but more important to me, they do care about their audience and involve them to make sure that they have a wonderful experience. Right from the start they included the kids in their program making it a fun, interactive performance that I'm sure will leave a lasting impression on all that attended... thank you so much!!"

S. Ernisse, Teacher / TI Elementary, Clayton NY

DrumatiX performed for Artistic Dance Conservatory at our annual Gala in Massachusetts. They were an excellent addition to our show. The audience was excited to hear and see such an energized and vibrant performance unlike any of of our other guests. If you have not seen their work you should. It is original and fun and full of life and inspiration."

Jennifer Dubilo, Director /
ADC Arts Corp.

"Noa and her dancers held our audience in thrall for a full 45 minutes with complex tap choreography and witty percussive techniques. The performance was, in a word, electrifying. Standing ovations are rare at a senior living campus, -  even one with residents as energetic and independent as ours – not for lack of appreciation, but because getting older just brings its limitations.  Those limitations vanished at the end of DrumatiX’s performance when our residents and guests rose to their feet in a rousing and vocal ovation.
I can’t find enough superlatives to describe this performance, or to describe what a pleasure it was to work with Noa Barankin.  Everybody should have a chance to see DrumatiX!"

Linda McConchie, Marketing Manager / North Hill

"DrumatiX wowed the crowd with a lightning-fast, show-stopping, percussive piece!  Enticing rhythms, clever execution, and high production quality, make this company a must-see!"

Darrah Carr, Curator / Stam-pede at Symphony Space, New York City

"On behalf of the Salem Arts Festival committee and our DELIGHTED audience members: thank you, DrumatiX! Your performance in 2019 Salem Arts Festival was energizing, original, well-crafted, and impressively virtuosic. DrumatiX offers a thrilling and fresh take on percussive performance that anyone will enjoy!"

Betsy Miller, Festival Committee / Salem Arts Festival

"Noa and her team of performers were engaging, captivating and overall wonderful for our Preschool Shabbat Dinner. They created an amazing atmosphere for both parents and children to enjoy a wonderful evening of friends, food and fun!"

Kim Bartlett​, Manager, Operations and Outreach / Godine Early Learning Center, JCC Greater Boston

"Noa Barankin and her dancers were simply wonderful!! They bring young, vibrant energy to a well-choreographed performance. The interactive component was a lovely surprise. It kept the audience engaged and enthralled. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!"

Lynn Angel, Lifestyle Director / Wingate One Way (Needham MA)

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