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A group of kids raising their hands in the air following an instruction from a person on a large screen


We offer a wide range or virtual options or schools, corporate clients, retirement homes, festivals and other events, including:

- An interactive solo performance combined with pre-recorded performance videos, and including a Q&A/discussion

- An interactive live workshop or residency

- Pre-recorded performance

- A live performance by the company from our home studio

All the offerings are done through Zoom and can be tailored to your event and need.

The key to the company's virtual offering is that they are interactive, engaging, personalized and very fun!

Come and get inspired by this creative adventure, discovering the endless possibilities that lie within the world of dance and music from the comfort of your home!

Past clients include:
Cisco, William James University, Berklee, The Winchester Foundation for Excellence in Education, Dance Parade NYC, Asheville Fringe, Rochester Fringe

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